I Wear Blue Tights

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Makers Gonna Make
— Literally Everyone

the idea

i wear blue tights was born of the idea that crafting can and should be a darn good time. i love using old and new while celebrating intelligence and silliness. i reach out to many fandoms and consider my work to be "fan art." i want each piece to find a home with someone that really loves it and to be able to find function in it as well. we have too much that we do not need or do not use. i want to be a part of changing that. 

current collections




science fiction


pop culture

100% handmade

each magnet is made from a vintage clothespin pattern and lovingly handpainted and packaged in my studio in waynesboro, virginia. each magnet is drill pressed and inserted with a rare earth magnet that is sure to hold up your most beautiful works of pre-school cardstock art or local pizza menu. no magnet is exactly the same and we delight in custom work, wedding cake toppers, and even shadow boxes celebrating those you love. 

please reach out to find out more about our process.